Cultural Programs Rules & Guidelines:

Programs that reflect the rich Tamil culture will get higher priority.

Solo performances are limited to classical dance items only.

A maximum of three items are allowed for Singing and playing musical instruments.

Group items need to have minimum of 4 individuals

While we prefer no songs be repeated in the entire program,the committee will work towards accomodating it as long as the sequences are not the same. . The decision of GTS committee is final.

Skit will be limited to two and the duration cannot exceed 10 minutes and each of the other program item cannot exceed more than 6 minutes

. Program participation is limited to 2 for kids (excluding Thirukural and Fancy Dress Competition)

. Dance schools can submit a maximum of 2 items

GTS has the final authority to change the structure to suit the needs of the community and the program content.


GTS will do its best to accommodate all entries. If the number of entries received is more than what we can accommodate in our schedule, GTS will use a selection process based on specific criteria such as Interest of audience, uniqueness of program. GTS committee reserves the right to make the final decision.

GTS reserves all rights to refuse any items that are deemed as inappropriate for the program.

Program Director/Choreographer will be informed once their item is selected.

GTS decision is final.